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Transparency, flexibility and quality over quantity!

We’re fundamentally passionate about Web development. We’re a team of young, explosive, and experienced professionals looking to improve the world. We’re crazy, agile, and always adopt the best development practices. Without unit testing, automated acceptance tests, or a continuous integration, development is ultimately useless. That’s why we’ve rejected rigid corporate models and focus on our own model, which fosters collaboration, accessibility, and transparency in everything we do.


A different perspective

Far from commercial impulses and growth obsession, Spektrum is a company that is profoundly passionate about the web. We don’t strive towards quantitative growth and prefer to endorse promising projects that are reinforced by promising entrepreneurs. Our decisions, recruitment, and organization are powered by excellence; a vision and culture shared by our customers.

The team

Remarkable projects require outstanding talent!

At the end of the day, the talent and expertise brought forth by each team member is what powers Spektrum and allows it to stand apart from the rest. Our intentionally small team proudly produces some of the largest Web-based projects in the Quebec region. Outstanding quality and efficiency have become our staple.

Sébastien Lemieux

Olivier Rousseau

François Lanthier Nadeau

Francis Côté

Nicolas Fortier

Mathieu St-Gelais

Francis Laplante

Nicolas Udy

Jason Gagnon

Élise Eleonorre Rousseau

Baptiste Dumortier

Charles Ouellet

Georges Saad

Maxime Laboissonnière

Jean-Daniel Gauvin

Vincent Girard

Gabriel Robert

The story

Where we come from

Spektrum Media is the product of a merger between a Web production business and Focus Intelligence, a development methods and project management consulting firm. We are a Web development company with a focused approach on quality that is unrivalled in our industry – just ask our clients!