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We develop and deliver without retreat

Our Agile approach is our signature and our distinction in terms of efficiency and quality. Without hypocrisy or sham, we adopt an authentic Agile approach throughout all our projects. We believe that Lean development must be based on a continuous integration, a maximum unit testing coverage, automated acceptance tests and the best Web development practices and patterns.


Our designs will make your eyes feel like they’re in heaven!

Our services do not stop at the top quality the development. We believe that graphic design and visual illustrations are the foundations of great usability and an unmatched corporate image. We focus all our energy to make your project unique and remarkable, so that it receives all the attention it deserves!


No stress, we’ve automated our tests!

We recognize that it is impossible to test all the functionalities of an application every day. So how do we ensure the quality since day one of the project? By automating all of the tests! For each feature delivered and accepted at the end of every sprint, we will deliver a set of automated tests that will validate, on a daily basis, the behavior as it has been designed and accepted by the customer himself.


We make your project a personal matter!

Whether it is for a business and management application, an e-commerce platform, an intranet or just a website, we will amaze you! All our web platforms give you full control over all the content. Without reinventing the wheel, we build our web platforms around "open-source" content management systems (CMS). We enrich it, to better fit your reality without any proprietary bond. Our team has proven and continues to prove that it is able to meet the needs of its customers, exceed their expectations and grow with them over time.

Web design

Our graphic signature is without equal. It provides a remarkable image in the utmost respect of the best ergonomic practices and foundations of Web usability. Our expertise in design and graphic design covers the full spectrum, including illustration, image manipulation, interface designs of a Web application and everything in-between.

HTML5 & CSS3 Integration

The integration of our platform is fully HTML5/CSS3 with adaptation to older browsers when necessary. This integration provides the use of the flexibility and versatility of the latest technology standards of the Web to ensure excellent operation on mobile platforms and recent browser.

Mobile adpatability

Our graphic designs and information architecture will adapt to different platforms/screen resolutions. Without duplicating the content management effort, the site will automatically adjust the display, maximizing the information communication by exploiting the specifics of each platform. Resize the page, and see by yourself!

Content management systems (CMS)

All our web platforms are built around a content management system adapted and "open source". This ensures the customer’s 100% control over all the content without technical dependence. CMSs provide a big set of management and content publishing features: approval, authorization, preview, access management, layout, etc...


You have ideas, you have opinions and want to express them publicly? Equip yourself with a blog platform and interact with your community and establish an efficient conversation. Integrate your blog with all your social networks in order to optimize the communicative impact.


Improve your communication channels with your customers, users, members or other types of stakeholders through a newsletter management platform. Beyond simple subscription and mass mailing, enjoy profiles segmentations and interest lists to establish a mutual dialog appropriately and effectively.


Exposing and displaying the information is one thing; to target and offer relevant information in specific contexts is another. Equip your web applications with the best search platforms, algorithms and contextualization of information: historical research, semantic search, related information, proximity search, etc ...

Catalog management

Publish and manage all of your products online. Manage your product specifications, you price lists, your distribution points, you list of suppliers, your inventory. Our web platforms will allow you to display your catalog smartly and maximize your Web offers.

Web services/API

Don’t repeat yourself and do not duplicate your existing data! Our platforms will exchange the information with your entire existing application ecosystem. The Web services and APIs will publish and retrieve the information throughout the existing platforms in a secure and simple manner.

System to system integration

It is often rare, if not impossible for an organization to start from scratch all of its systems! This reality imposes a smart system to system integration that allows the use of existing data and systems without compromising quality or drastic changes to ensure a smooth transition and effective use of your legacy systems.

ERP/CRM Integration

Unleash the potential of your existing data in your financial systems (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). Our web platforms will connect seamlessly and directly to your existing systems to extract information without any duplication of entry to provide an operational extension to your critical and strategic data.

Document management

Ensure effective and unified management of all your organizational documents across all of your employees. Manage your publications, press releases and access to all the information and documents in your organization.

Process and workflow management

Each organization has specific processes and business workflows. That is why your management applications must articulate these processes, these workflows and all the specific administrative policies to stick to the reality of the users who use them on a daily basis.

User management

Manage your users, their profile, their subscriptions and their membership. Whether it’s for managing subscriptions renewals or any other information related to your users, you will be able to manage them efficiently and securely.

Shopping cart

Add transactional capabilities to your Web platforms. Let your visitors and users checkout online. Offer them the possibility to complete a purchase order or any other form of financial transactions you offer. Cover payment processing, sales reports, sales management, promotions, invoicing and all that may surround the process of buying online.


Enrich your data and increase the level of interactivity with the geo-localisation of your data on an interactive map providing interaction and proximity preferences to your users. 


Agile, before the buzz

Since the founding of Spektrum our operational objective was to offer a sincere and genuine Agile methodology to exploit all the flexibility of the approach. To demonstrate the seriousness of our approach, we train all our customers through an Agile 101 course, thus explaining the vocabulary, the concept and ensuring a proper communication without jargon. Throughout the development, and since day one, we provide continuous access to the application during development to ensure the fastest, maximum feedback and validation from the client. We ensure transparency by allowing the client itself to accept or refuse the features developed during every sprint.