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Got a great idea? Count us in!

If you’ve got a great idea, we want to know! Regardless of your financial situation, simply prepare your Lean Canvas and contact us to discuss the project. If we believe that we can add value to your project and that it fits within our core values, we’ll offer to split the risks in order to help you achieve your goals as you deliver a successful project.



Not only do we recommend and build great software for our clients, but we also do it for ourselves. We’re basically our own guinea pigs. In our laboratory we don’t limit ourselves to proofs of concepts. When it comes to innovative ideas and promising projects, we go above and beyond development to test market the products for viability and progress potential. We’d rather be knowledgeable when advising our clients, as opposed to improvising in areas that we’re less familiar with.  

The Spektrum Lab is like a playground for the team. It’s the perfect place to experiment, explore, take risks, and venture off into the unknown before proposing any technological solutions to our customers.  


Legal electronic signature

No fax. No printer. No delay. Signsquid is a simple, safe, and legally guaranteed electronic signature platform. Download your PDF document, add your signatories, and get a copy of the legally signed document.


Effortless e-commerce

Snipcart is an easy and flexible shopping cart and e-commerce platform. Simply add a shopping cart to your website with a single line of code and Snipcart will allow you to manage payments, as well as to process and manage orders and shipments online. All of this without your customers ever leaving your website.


We're not in it for the money

With the objective of contributing to the development and marketing of promising groundbreaking projects, Spektrum offers a program to help startups. We believe in developing solid Web products and services, and encourage entrepreneurs and visionaries in the field to push forth with their endeavors.